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Electro Therapy

What is Electro Therapy?

Electric stimulation therapy is a therapeutic treatment that applies electrical stimulation in treating muscle conditions and pain. It can help prevent atrophy and build strength in patients with injuries.

Physical therapists attach electrodes on the patient’s skin, causing the target muscles to contract. With electric stimulation, the patient can maintain muscle tone and strength that would otherwise waste away due to lack of usage.

Types of Electro Therapy and How They Work

Electric stimulation works by mimicking the natural way by which the body exercises its muscles. The electrodes attached to the skin deliver impulses that make the muscles contract. It is beneficial in increasing the patient’s range of motion and improves the circulation of the body fluids. It is used in treating conditions like sprains, arthritis, neck pain, back pain and sciatica.

Interferential current (IFC) is used by physical therapists for the purpose of decreasing inflammation and swelling of affected tissues. This treatment has shown positive effects reducing neck and back pain, as well as many other musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and myofascial conditions.

Galvanic stimulation is also another application of electric stimulation. This involves applying pulsed electric current to affected body tissues in stimulating muscle contraction. It differs from other types of stimulation in its use of direct current rather than alternating current. The positive pad acts to decrease circulation of the target area and reduce swelling. The negative pad increases the distribution of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injured area, thus improving the healing process.

Another use of direct current is during an iontophoresis treatment when ions of a medication are introduced into the area of the body being treated.

At our clinic we use a multitude of different types of electric current depending on the condition being treated and client comfort level.  All relevant information is presented to the client so an informed decision can be made whether or not to proceed with the treatment. Free Consult at Bradenton, FL center or call us on (941) 752-0758.


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