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A Unique Approach to Physical Therapy in Bradenton, FL

Bayshore Rehabilitation is a private physical therapy practice in Bradenton, FL that offers individualized one-on-one sessions to patients in need. We believe in the Golden Rule: “Do onto others as you want want them to do onto you“. This mentality enables us to provide the best care to each and every person that walks through our door.

For decades, our physical therapists have been treating patients for many types of conditions. We are able to offer same day or next day appointments most of the time.


Featured Specialities

Manual Therapy

If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles, manual therapy is often helpful. Patients seek out this type of physical therapy for a variety of mobility issues.

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If you are experiencing pain, inflammation, blood flow issues, or have a problem relaxing, our cupping service may be helpful. Patients seek out this type of physical therapy to improve overall well-being.

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What our patients are saying...

  • Very nice, friendly and professional staff. Always asked me how I felt and would tailor their treatments accordingly.

    Hector M.
  • I was in Leonid Ladyzhensky’s office 4 times with different health problems and each time after few visits I would start filling better and after 2-3 weeks I was healthy again. It was amazing experience. I would recommend this doctor to anyone specially to my friends and family members. Thanks again to Dr. Ladyzhensky and his office staff.

    Recent Client
  • Leonid is a great therapist who is easy to communicate with. After coming in with chronic neck pain, Leonid was able to find the source, relieve the pain, and helped me strengthen my neck muscles to prevent further injuries. Very happy with the service.

    David W.
  • The entire staff was very friendly and very professional. They took the time to listen to me and did their best to accommodate my needs. I felt extremely comfortable putting my body in their hands. I went in with back and neck pains and came out feeling 100% better. I highly recommend Lenny and his staff to anyone who needs physical therapy.

    JP R.
  • So helpful and took care of me in a professional manner. I came in with a lot of pain walked out without that pain. If I ever I need this kind of care again I will come to Leonid again. Also the massager has magic hands. Thank you again!!

    Judy R.

We are conveniently located in the Bayshore Gardens Shopping Center of 14th Street West.

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